Islamic Marriage Ceremony

And We created you in pairs. (78:8)

The Management of Alnoor Masjid warmly welcomes and congratulates prospective couples who wish to marry in accordance with Islamic Law. The appointed sheikh performs all Nikah ceremonies which takes place in conjunction with Alnoor Masjid. If you wish to bring your own sheikh you may do so.

Our Center staff and Imam are glad to be a part of this joyous occasion. We want to make sure this will be a successful event for you and your future spouse. Our Nikah and Wedding service was setup to assist the local Muslim in fulfilling the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). The Center can help you with your matrimonial services. Whether you are looking for a spouse, an imam to conduct your nikah or an Islamic organisation to complete your marriage certificate, we can help you.

Please note the following guidelines to help make your ceremony run smoothly:


    We recommend that bookings are made at least four weeks before to the planned date although we will do our best to accommodate short notification bookings. You will have to collect the booking form from the Masjid office and return the completed filled form signed form to one of the members of staff; alternatively you can telephone the mosque and ask for a slot to be provisionally booked and await confirmation once all paperwork is submitted.


    Documents Required: Please see the documents listed below
    • Documents are to be provided for the Bride, Groom, Representative of the Bride (Wali) & 2 Male Witnesses:
    • Proof of I.D. (Passport or Birth Certificate)
    • Proof of Address (Drivers License/Bank Statement/Utility Bill)
    • Divorce Deed (only applicable for prospective bride/groom that have been previously married)


    If a prospective bride/groom is not a UK National, proof of visa and current status within the UK will need to be presented to office staff.   All information provided MUST be true otherwise this invalidates the Nikkah.

    Venue: The Nikkah can be typically accommodated in a private area within the Mosque, should you require a larger room or a hall, and this can be arranged within the Masjid. Most nikaha takes place at Main prayer hall; therefore time of prayers cannot be compromised. The Management has the right to stop the proceeding till the prayer is finished.

    Fee Structure; A full receipt will be provided for all payments made. £200 – (Masjid)



    Important Note: Alnoor Masjid will only provide a Nikkah Certificate if our appointed Imam has conducted the Nikkah, but is not registered to solemnize marriages in accordance with English Law. A Nikkah which is performed in the UK is not considered a valid marriage under English Law and as such provides no enforceable legal marital rights. This is important to note particularly in instances of marriage breakdown or death. For this reason, we encourage all our community to ensure a civil marriage is conducted in a register office in accordance with English Law and that this is carried out immediately before or after the Nikkah ceremony to preserve the enforceable rights of both parties.