Established since 2004 we at Madrassah Alnoor understand that parents are the main source to instill the Islamic moral and values in their children. However, parents can do only so much. Therefore Madrassah has a vital role to instill Islamic values in our youths. Again, Madrassah can do only so much. It is tough job to help them balance their Islamic identity with their ‘British’ identity.

Education’s goal is to guide and assist students in translating their values into a way of living. It is a process of transformation than giving information.

We hope Alnoor Madrassah will be able to help Muslim students appreciate and understand Islam – its rich heritage, principles, values, teachings. We hope the Madrasah will be able to provide stepping stones for the youngsters so that they understand and accept Islam as the chosen ‘way’ of their lives. Our success will be measured years later if these youths grow up and say: thank you, you made a difference in my life!

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Our vision is to produce a generation of dynamic young Muslims embodied with an Islamic personality, who are knowledgeable and confidence in their den both theological and practice and able to present Islam comprehensively.



Our mission is to achieve our objectives through teaching, guiding and assisting our students in developing their Islamic personality and inspiring them to transform themselves in the process through learning, thinking, discussion and engagement.



The Madrasah will follow a systematic, comprehensive curriculum; the objective of the curriculum is to provide a broad understanding of all aspects of Islam as envisaged in the Mission Statement. The teachers, students and parents will know the curriculum – thus, everybody will know what is being taught and what to expect from students at each grade and collectively, from the entire program. The teachers will carefully follow the curriculum. Our curriculum cover the main three subjects;