To keep the Masjid open and for congregational prayers and to continue daily and Jumma Khutbah and Salat, please adhere to the below guidelines with sincerity and diligently. No exceptions!

  • PLEASE Wear a face mask AT ALL TIMES inside the Masjid.
  • PLEASE Bring a prayer mat.
  • PLEASE Sanitise your hands on the way in and out of the Masjid.
  • PLEASE Enter and leave Mosque safely in orderly queue.
  • PLEASE Maintain social distance in and around the Masjid area.
  • PLEASE follow the guidance of the trusted volunteers.
  • PLEASE note wudhu and toilet facilities at the Masjid are restricted can be used ONLY in unavoidable situation.
  • DO NOT remove face mask during Jumma khutbah.
  • DO NOT congregate INSIDE or OUTSIDE the Masjid.
  • DO NOT mingle with anyone INSIDE or OUTSIDE the Masjid.

Jazak Allah Khair for your cooperation. May Allah reward your efforts and patience.


“There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment.” [BUKHARI]

Covid-19 Vaccination is and will be offered to all in the community. Insha’Allah this is one of the ways to tackle the spread of the Coronavirus, protecting ourselves, those we love and everyone in our community. We all know that only Allah (swt) can cure the sick one.

Two vaccines, Pfizer and AstraZeneca have been classed as Halal by almost all doctors via various community webinars including the WFCOM webinar held recently.

The decision on whether or not to take the vaccines solely lies with you and your loved ones. You should seek advice from your own doctors, health care professionals, and do your own research from the vast library of materials available.

This pandemic has been a great trial for humanity, but Allah SWT reassures us in the Quran that after hardship comes ease.

Our prayers and thoughts are with people who have suffered during this pandemic and who have lost loved ones.

We are grateful for the mercy of Allah SWT, and thankful for the dedication and commitment of all frontline workers who are helping those afflicted by COVID-19.