At Alnoor madrasah, it is our objective to provide healthy and rewarding learning environment for Muslims students. The Madrasah is open  Mon to Thu which is known as weekday Madrasah, and Sat and Sun which is known as weekend Madrasah.

Muslim children growing in the UK are facing diverse challenges and conflicting pressures at Madrasahs and in friend circles. They are constantly influenced by mainstream youth culture.  It is difficult to isolate them from these influences and it is painful to let them sway into the mainstream.  Excessive consumerism, peer pressure, media culture, Internet, and technology confuses the youngsters’ mind about their ideal objective in life. We admit parents are the main source to instil moral and values in their children. However, parents can do only so much. We admit madaris have a responsibility to instil Islamic ideologies in the youths. Again, madaris can do only so much. It is tough job to help them balance their Islamic identity with their ‘British’ identity.  

We do not want to stop trying. We hope madrasah Alnoor will be able to help Muslim students appreciate and understand Islam – its rich heritage, principles, values, teachings. We hope the Madrasah will be able to provide stepping stones for the youngsters so that they understand and accept Islam as the chosen ‘way’ of their lives. Our success will be measured years later if these youths grow up and say: thank you, you made a difference in my life!  

We are working towards that day. This guide is designed to help parents, teachers, students what to expect from the Madrasah and what the Madrasah expects from them.   

Our request to the parents – please invest in your child. They are precious!

Head Teacher

Mission Statement

To promote broad awareness of Islam for Muslim students studying in  foundation to 9th grade, by emphasizing upon Islamic teachings, fundamentals, ideologies and legacy. To this end, to use a comprehensive syllabus, carefully selected text books, and knowledgeable instructors so as to intellectually stimulate the students to grow up as responsible, committed Muslim citizens living in the West, and help them make Islam as a way of life.   


  • Registration fee per family: £50
  • Monthly fee per child: £25
  • Fees are payable beginning of each month. Payments should also be made during the holidays. 
  • Islamic text book £11
  • Arabic book £10
  • Dua book £2



Our Teacher

Our teachers are from various countries and backgrounds. They all have good Islamic knowledge. Many of them have prior teaching experience in other Islamic Madaris. They have good people skills. Special emphasis is given to make sure the teachers communicate in English. 


Our Students

Admission is open to any student, male or female, irrespective of their immigration status. Since the main medium of instruction is English, the ability of students to understand and communicate in English is important. Students are placed in a grade commensurate with their age.


Transfer Students

Parents, who wish their children to be transferred to weekday or weekend madrasah will be required to request in writing for a transfer. Whenever the place is available the student will be transferred as per the request.  


Our Class

Our classes are co-educational. Boys and girls are separated in groups. In foundation classes, teacher determines if they can co-mingle in the class during learning activities. Placement of a student in Quran Reading lessons may not follow the regular Madrasah grades. Regardless of age of a student, based on the ability of the student in general, he or she may be placed at a higher or lower grade. The decision about such placement will be made by the Head teacher in consultation with the class teacher.


Our Curriculum

The Madrasah will follow a systematic, comprehensive curriculum; The objective of the curriculum is to provide a broad understanding of all aspects of Islam as envisaged in the Mission Statement. The teachers, students and parents will know the curriculum – thus, everybody will know what is being taught and what to expect from students at each grade and collectively, from the entire program. The teachers will carefully follow the curriculum.


Dress Code

A.   Girls

  1. All girls will be required to wear ablack long Abaya and white long Hijab (uniform selected by the Madrasah) which will cover their hair and shoulders as stated in Islamic principal.
  2. Make up, chains, Bungles, rings, nail polish, visible henna, etc and any visible ornaments are strictly not permitted in the Madrasah
  3. Wearing high heel shoes is not allowed in the Madrasah. It is highly recommended to wear decent shoes and which will protect you from cold conditions.

       NOTE: Students not in uniform will immediately be sent home.

B.   Boys


1. All boys will be required to wear clean white qamees (Islamic garment) and a white hat (kofia).


NOTE: Students who are not in madrasah uniform will immediately be sent home.


2. Printed Jackets, Baseballs caps and wooly hat are not to be worn inside the Madrasah.

3. Shoes must be decent and must also be able to withstand cold during winter.


In the interest of cleanliness, general inspection will be carried out in the madrasah every week and this will include checking finger and toe nails if have been cut, hair (for boys only) if have been washed or/and trimmed and socks if clean. (Smelly socks are not allowed in the class)

Attendance and Lateness

Parents are advised to drop off their children at least 5 minutes before Madrasah starts. The Assembly for weekend is at 9.55 A.M. The Weekend Madrasah will end at 2.30 P.M. and assembly for weekday is 4:45 P.M. The Weekday Madrasah will end at 7:00 P.M. Parents are strongly suggested to arrive in time to pick up their children. Lateness at the time of arrival and leaving the Madrasah should be avoided by all parents. 

Please be advised that absence or lateness may affect your child progress.


Taking Holiday during Madrasah term

If Student wish to travel during Madrasah term will have to pay re-entry fee of £50 plus the monthly fee.If fees not paid then the student loose the place and should return to Madrasah unless re-entry fee is paid. Please note that no charges if travelling for emergency reason.

 Abuse of Madrasah or Masjid Property

All students must refrain from making any type of damage or abuse to the Madrasah and mosque property. If a student is found to have caused damage to the mosque or Madrasah property in any manner, the parents will be liable to remedy the damage in a manner decided by the Madrasah or mosque authorities.  Furthermore, your child may be subject to suspension or expulsion from the Madrasah as determined by the Madrasah’s Board of Directors.

 Mobile Use

Mobiles are part of today’s life and its value cannot be denied. We will not prohibit any student from carrying mobiles at Madrasah. But it is mandatory that students will turn the mobiles off in the Madrasah at all time.

If student found using mobile phone during Madrasah time we will cease the mobile for a week.


Home Work

Most of the classes will routinely hand out homework. Students are advised to complete homework in a timely manner. Best practice would be to finish all homework on the same day, after returning from Madrasah since the student’s memory would still be fresh. Most homework can be finished within 15-20 minutes. Sometime students will be asked to print their homework from our website; they will be given instruction in their class.


Parents to Follow Up with Home Work

Parents are strongly encouraged to follow up with their children's homework.


Bring Text Books/Pen/Paper/folder

Students are required to bring their prescribed text books to the madrasah. Before coming to the madrasah parents are required to guide and make sure their child has taken required text books with them. Most classes will also require the students bring with them notebooks to write down class notes.  Students must come with pocket folder.


Inclement Weather Notification

In the event of inclement weather, notification will go out to all parents and teachers in a timely manner. Parents will be notified by text message or emails. The Madrasah website will also be updated. It will be responsibility of the parents to check their emails and the website. If any additional procedures are implemented, these will be notified to the teachers and the parents.   .