Alnoor Cultural & Educational Trust(Masjid Alnoor Barking)

Following corona virus pandemic in UK, Masjid Alnoor Barking have suspended all activities from Thursday 19th of March 2020 till further notice.

This means that Masjid Alnoor will no longer be holding the five daily congregational prayers or Jummah or any other congregational activities.

This was a very difficult but necessary decision to halt the rapid spread of the virus and protect our community.
Please continue to pray in your homes and make dua for the Muslim Ummah wherever they are, we will of course update you if/when the situation changes.

Please keep on supporting the Masjid by donating online. 

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JazaakaLlahu-khairan for understanding and cooperation at these difficult times.

Masjid Alnoor Management.