Alnoor Cultural & Educational Trust (ALNOORCET is an active group of local Muslim in Barking and Dagenham determine to provide a suitable infrastructure for the local muslim community in order to improve the condition of humanity around them and in so doing, help themselves in the next life.
Alnoor Cultural & Educational Trust (ALNOORCET) established on 19th December 2004.
ALNOORCET is a non profit making organisation with charitable status (Charity No: 1118963) aiming to provide the local Muslim community in Barking and Dagenham with an Islamic Centre for Religious Worship, Islamic Education and Community Activities.


·         To Provide a local Islamic centre for Islamic Education, Religious Worship and place for    community activities.

·         To  Develop and provide Islamic educational services to local Muslim Community.

·          Educate both Muslims and Non-Muslims in the local community.

·         To Encourage positive interaction with local community at large.

·          Work for the development of the local Muslim community.

·          Promote greater understanding and awareness of Islam within the local community.

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